burra bed & breakfast faqs

At Burra Bed & Breakfast, we attempt to answer common questions via FAQs to keep our guests well informed of what to expect and how things work.

How do I check-in?
We ask that check-in occur as of the first day of the booking. The key is available from a location that we disclose on the day of arrival. On cold days we will leave the front light on and warm up the rooms.
How do see the availability?

At the bottom of the webpage is a calendar which displays red and green. The green means available. Bookings can’t be made through this calendar but rather via the menu at the top of the webpage.

What is the wi-fi password?

We change the wi-fi password at regular intervals and can advise what it is upon request. We do ask a small fee of $10 per visit in order to cover our costs.

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